FarmForesight agribusiness simulation competition held in Ukraine

FarmForesight agribusiness simulator team competition was held in Kyiv. Representatives of MHP, UKRAVIT, Titan Machinery Ukraine, Arnika, ESKA Capital, EOS and other companies took part in it.

In total, 11 teams were formed, which were offered to try their hand at online simulation modelling agricultural business processes. During the main game session, the Foxtrot team won.
Note: the teams were named after the letters of the NATO phonetic alphabet.

The representatives of the winner team Tatyana Mudrik and the Managing Director of D'Arthur Trans Consult Yuri Alatortsev noted that such events are important first of all for gathering colleagues from one sector.

"The game is new for us but it was very easy for us to play for a good team was formed. We had a union of agronomical, economic and business knowledge. It was difficult only in the beginning because we had to learn the interface, to understand the features. During the game, we realized that many factors are changing and it is hard to hold the lead. Our result could have been better if we had not bought so much fuel. I think that such a game should be offered to agricultural holdings in the first place. At the same time it will be useful for university students and all managers involved in agriculture," said Yuri Alatortsev.

The second place was taken by the team India. According to the team representative, EOS Business Development Manager Roman Medvedev, the game interface is simple and comprehensible, but it was difficult to start, to plan the crop rotation system correctly.

"We made mistakes in the first (test) session. But then we took into account all the nuances, in the second session we improved all indicators. If we are given the opportunity to play more, we would not make such trite mistakes. On a ten-point scale, the overall impression of the game is ten," commented Roman Medvedev.

The representative of the Charlie team, which won the third position, financier Natalia Chernetskaya added that she would like to take part in the game again.

"It is interesting for me to simulate the situation when one-crop system is practised: sunflower or corn. Take a long-term period of 3-5 years and see the result. After that, this result may be applied in your project," she suggested.

The creator of agribusiness simulator FarmForesight Aleksandr Eine noted that the game was exciting and enthusiastic, especially the last session.

"As soon as players understood the interface, everything changed  and they moved from questions to actions. It was seen that the participants were trying very carefully to grasp the mechanics, even outwit and invent some options to beat a competitor. They were "lucky" because today they had the scenario "Rough summer of 2015". They accomplished quite well — with good profitability and net profit," concluded Aleksandr Eine.