News and AgroOnline start a new video project on YouTube starts a new video project — Farm Update (Ферма на прокачку). Together with experts from AgroOnline integrated agribusiness management system, we will show how agricultural enterprises are digitalized by the example of Chernihiv cluster of the agricultural holding Grano Group.
In the 1st episode of the project, we will conduct an audit of the enterprise and give answers whether Farm Management will be able to increase the efficiency of the farm cultivating 8 thou. ha of land, how to get the optimal yield on the sand in conditions of drought, how to strengthen the enterprise that works near the state border and has fields scattered within 50-100 km from one another, how will the team react to the changes?

Uncensored, only practical stuff and live stories about production. Watch, discuss, upgrade!
P.S. Any resemblance to actual events is real, any tractor is fully operational, any corn grain is part of the new harvest.