A New Service for Grain Traders Launched in Ukraine —

The founder of the project Aleksandr Mashchenko announced the launch of an Internet service specializing on grain trade —
By means of a new electronic platform (marketplace), sellers and buyers will have access to price analytics, search for available volumes and the best price for selling products.
The service provides for:
  • setting up a set of price indicators for products and conditions that need to be regularly searched for;
  • search for offers on a number of parameters;
  • convenient adding of prices on several positions simultaneously;
  • quick actualization of current prices on own offers;
  • publication of offers for a limited number of users;
  • submission of counter-proposals.
"We realize that we are creating another ambitious project in the field of grain trade. The first services in this industry are now more than 10 years old, but none of them has become an industry standard and could not take the grain trade online. At the same time, many market participants agree that such tools will be useful in their work. First of all, we want to integrate a number of already familiar tools, slightly lowering the threshold for entering a commercial dialogue. While it is hard to imagine that robots will fully trade in grain, but that people can carry out transactions at the same level that they are used to in the banking and retail trade, it is already possible," says Aleksandr Mashchenko.

According to the founder of the project, the service will help commodity managers to purchase grain, owners and managers of agricultural enterprises, supply managers at processing companies including flour mills, feed mills, oil extraction plants, and employees of banking and insurance institutions who work in the agrarian sector.